Steel Force Carp Point


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Due to a unique ferrule and blade designs these heads don't plane under water. Rival all the elements of bowfishing and cause devastating results on any fish. The Steel Force Carp Point latches onto the toughest fish. Whether its a the largest or smallest carp in the lake, the Steel Force Carp Point has proven to be an uncompromising success time and time again.

This bowfishing point features a .050 thick x 1 wide non-sharpened titanium blade, chrome coating, and a steel ferrule. The 1 wide barbs fixed to the point helo you hold onto nearly any fish regardless of its size. The 5/16 diameter allows it to be mounted to most bowfishing arrow shafts.

  • wont plane under water 
  • titanium blade
  • 1 barbs to prevent lost fish
  • 5/16 diameter


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