Quest Thrive Compound Bow

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Quest Thrive Compound Bow

Great, mid-price compound bow, with flagship-bow features, and all the gear you need to get into the field.

? All new 82X aluminum riser that has a specific stiffness to weight ratio
? Greater stiffness than any other aluminum riser in the industry
? Flux cams have a buttery smooth draw cycle, yet still maintains its performance
? Module based cam with fully adjustable limb stops
? Flexis AR is an adjustable, flexing cable guard the reduces excess side load from your cables
? Cable guard is fully adjustable for different arrow and fletching combinations
? Axle to Axle: 33-3/4″
? IBO Speed: 328 fps
? Brace Height: 7″
? Mass Weight: 4.3 lbs.
? Draw Length: 26-31″

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#70 in ghostgreen w/ subalpine limbs, #70 in Recon Grey w/ Elevate Limbs, #60 in Recon Grey w/ Elevate Limbs


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