Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Rest

The most Versatile and configurable rest on the market.

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The Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro provides archers with full-capture confidence in the field or at the range. This limb driven rest that will have you shooting bullet holes with every shot! The v-shaped launch pad is surrounded by a foam and rubber enclosure for stealth-like quietness ensures your arrow always starts and finishes in the same spot.

  • More streamline package that is 20% lighter than the versarest
  • Zero Tolerance Technology ensures there is no lateral play in the shaft and rotation is silky smooth
  • Over mold containment bracket with 3/4 load gate ensures quiet and efficient arrow loading
  • Launcher features a proprietary coating to minimize sound and eliminate the need to apply felt
  • Launcher shaft rides on dual over-sized sealed stainless steel ball bearings that rotate smoothly shot after shot
  • Zero Stop Technology ensures repeatable up and down launcher positions
  • Spring knob provides multiple internal torsion spring adjustment positions
  • 8 sided, non-slip compression clamp design with in-line dampening coil eliminates launcher bounce-back
  • Universal non-slip limb pad, heavy duty no-stretch cord and easy adjustment cord clamp
  • Universal Limb Clamp assembly can be configured multiple ways: top or bottom limb actuated, cable actuated or cable fall away
    Factory configured as a limb activated rest