Flying Arrow Toxic Broadhead


Flying Arrow Toxic Broadheads

Toxic Broadheads are the first of their kind. A breakthrough in design, these are not your ordinary fixed blade broadheads. The patent-pending curved blade design of the Toxic Broadhead taper back, contrary to the traditional designs of other broadheads which alingn their blades perpendicular to the target. This innovative approach to blade alignment and angle reduces wind drag to make them more aerodynamic and also increases the cutting surface of the blades themselves to nearly 5 inches!

The Toxic Broadhead is Tipped with a bone splitting chisel tip. ?When coupled with the unique blade design, penetration becomes a worry of the past. When it?s all said and done, this brilliant design of the Toxic Broadhead leaves a clover shaped wound channel that is second-to-none. With no moving parts, set screws, clips, or O-rings to bother with, you can take to the field knowing you?ll be the most Toxic bowhunter on the mountain.


Blade Cutting Surface 4.7
#Of Blades? 3
Grain Weight 100 grain
Quantity 3 Pack