Cuddeback Black Flash C3

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The 2016 Cuddeback C3 Black Flash trail camera is the best Cuddeback no-glow IR camera ever! It features Cuddeback?s world?s fastest 1/4 second trigger speed which means you’ll get more images with animals and fewer blanks. A new compact “micro” housing is ergonomic and handy. Black Flash technology means no visible inferred flash for animals (or humans) to see and over 2 watts of IR illumination power for a flash range of over 50 ft. Correctly exposed IR images offer stunning clarity and minimal motion blur whether animals are close or distant. The Cuddeback C3 Black Flash Xchange IR Camera is a totally new concept in trail cameras. Interchangeable flash modules allow the camera to be a color, IR or Black Flash. Xchange LED modules feature 30 LEDs for maximum performance. They added a ton of cool and innovative features for this model, such as Zone Control, separate day/night delays, fully customizable time lapse, and much more. The reinvented mounting system makes it easier and more versatile to deploy the camera. With Genius Mount the user does not bang the camera around while strapping it to a tree, he/she simply straps (or screws) the mount to the tree then slides the camera on and off as needed. Plus, optional mounts allow panning, tilting, and locking (NOT included). Also included, the Cuddeback Battery Booster channels the power of 6 D batteries through the camera, providing 4 times the power capacity of the 8 AA batteries used in the camera. The camera will draw power from the D batteries first, saving the 8 AA for backup when the D batteries fail (no batteries included). For many users, this device will allow a camera to operate for over 12 months, even through extreme freezing temperatures and conditions. Not only that, but the extra power also helps the camera provide high quality night images, sending more power to the flash’s LEDs