Bear Warrior 3 Bow Set


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Bear Warrior 3 Kids Bow

The Bear Warrior compound youth bow set is perfect for all young archers looking for a real bow. This piece of equipment is not at all a a simple toy just to fling arrows. With it's 23-29 lb. draw weight, 33 axle to axle length and durable composite riser and limbs, this youth bow offers many features that are available in more advanced compound bows. Unlike other more simplified youth models, this bow offers greater performance and reliability. Give your young 'archer to be' something that will really get them excited about shooting a bow and arrow. When they're surprised with the Bear Warrior youth bow that looks just like dad's who wouldn’t be excited? Recommended for ages 10-13. Available only for right handed shooters.

Features: Full Warrior Bow Set Includes: 
  • 21-23 draw length
  • Adjustable 24-29 lb. draw weight
  • Composite limbs and riser
  • 6 brace height
  • 26 Axle to Axle
  • 1 Pin Sight
  • Two Piece Quiver
  • Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest
  • Armguard
  • Finger Tab
  • Two Safety glass arrows


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