AMS Tidal Wave Rest


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Tidal Wave Rest

The AMS Tidal Wave Rest has the same great technology as the AMS Wave Rest but with the added feature of a nearly full enclosure around the arrow. The arrow “snaps” into the rest and stays put no matter how the bow is handled. Crazy bowfishing excitement has met its match with the AMS Tidal Wave Rest. The precision cut roller freely spins with the arrow supporting it as it is released and protecting it from wear. The AMS Tidal Wave works on both right and left-handed bows.

This system, if used properly, ensures that your fish line will never tie itself to the bowstring. The AMS Safety Slide system keeps all of the line in front of the rest when you draw, preventing the fish line from tangling with the bowstring.

• Easy Installation (instructions included with packaging)
• Self-Cleaning splines on the inside eliminate dirt an sand problems
• Wont interfere with arrow flight
• Rugged construction which has been field tested on thousands of fish!


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