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Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel

Rather than hand winding line around a cumbersome spool, the retriever's line stacks convienently in an integrated line container. This eliminates almost all drag, allowing for deeper and longer shots. Arrows can be retrieved in seconds. Simply pull the convenient trigger and crank to retrieve. Now, with the integrated Line Retainer and new Trigger Guard to help you control your excess loose line, your retriever reel will function even better than ever. Just draw, aim, and SHOOT!

Proudly make in the US of A, this reel is ideal for fresh or saltwater bowfishing enthusiast who needs fast and simple fuction with zero drag and exceptional line control. Some of the largest and most exciting fish in the world have been taken with the Retriever Reels. Bowfishing enthusiasts like you have found that the Retriever is the most reliable, hassle-free bowfishing reel they have ever used. 

  • 25 yards of 200# Braided Hi Vis Dacron Line
  • Zero Drag for deeper and longer shots
  • Easy and Fast arrow retrieval
  • No Bail – No more lost arrows! 
  • Made in the USA!


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