American Whitetail The Cube Target 18x18x12


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Designed with one thing in mind – to stop broadheads!


Designed with one thing in mind – to stop broadheads! First we bond a sheet of closed cell foam to itself to create a bonded lamination that slivers 30% less than loose sheets. These bonded laminations produce a target that has layers on the front, for field points, and solid foam on the sides, top and bottom for broadheads. This gives you 6 shootable sides to provide you with full use of your target and ultimate target life. Whether you’re shooting broadheads or regular field tips the Cube is built to last. Includes a built in hande to carry easily and is free standing.

  • broadheads or field tips
  • 6 shootable sides
  • long target life
  • bonded lamination
  • 30% less than loose sheets
  • 18x18x12


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