Alaska Game Bags 4 Pack 48″ Quarter Game Bags

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4 Pack 48 Quarter Game Bags

Game bags are vital when it comes to keeping your meat protected from poor weather conditions, insects, and free of debris. If you can’t take everything in one load, this 4 pack of big game bags works great if you need hang your meat which helps it cool and will keep it out of reach from hungry predators. These big game bags are specifically tailored for deer and wild game of a similar size like sheep, antelope, and caribou so that the game bag fits around the meat to eliminate excess bulky material.

  • Package contains 4 form fitting 48 quarter bags
  • Tailored specifically for deer and similar sized game
  • Strong virtually tear resistant material
  • Reusable, washable, and odor-free
  • Protects from insects and inclement weather
  • Keeps meat free from dirt and debris