PSE 2018 Supra (Cosmetic Blem Closeout)

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The new 2018 PSE Supra compound bow is featuring PSE’s revolutionary new Wide-Track Target Limbs and new RollerGlide cable guard.

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The new 2018 PSE Supra compound bow features PSE’s revolutionary Wide-Track Target Limbs. Additionally, the Supra features the RollerGlide cable guard and TRS cable slide to eliminate friction and torque. With its forged riser and Drive-style cam, the Supra EXT provides a stable, rigid, and silky smooth shot. Finally, the Wedge Lock limb pocket and improved Lateral Adjustment System (LAS) allows for fast, easy adjustment with its elegant lead-screw design.

You won’t find a better mid-priced target bow out on the market. And especially with as many high end features as the Supra.

This is a factory cosmetic blemish closeout item.

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