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Youth Compound Bows and Kids Bow and Arrow Sets

The possibilities of youth compound bows, recurves, and kids bow and arrow sets you have to choose from are endless and perhaps overwhelming. Lucky for you our pro shop staff members are here to offer their expert knowledge and assistance. If you need a little extra advice or have questions on the best kids bow and arrow set you should buy for your young archer, we are more than happy to help.  Just click here to send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours. To help us narrow things down for you, please include the age, height, and the left or right eye dominance of your young archer.  Be sure to also include whether the youth compound bow you are looking for will be used for hunting, competition, or for recreational enjoyment. 

Youth Compound Bows - Tips To Selecting The Right Model

For today’s youth, whether they are bowhunting or shooting their bow just for fun, archery is a sport that should be equally enjoyable as it is rewarding. When introducing beginners to the sport of archery, proper fitting youth compound bows will help prevent frustrating scenarios to ensure their first experience isn’t their last. Just because a kids compound bow was designed specifically with a young archer in mind, this does not mean the bow will be a universal fit and suitable for any child. The child’s age, strength, draw length, and other important aspects should all be considered as you decide which youth compound bow to buy your archery youngster.

1. Choosing a Kids Bows Based on Left or Right Eye Domimance

Before you even begin browsing for youth compound bows for kids, you should determine whether they are right or left eye dominant first. Ambidextrous kids bow and arrow sets are indeed available but are few in numbers. Knowing the eye dominance of your archery youngster will determine whether they will need a left or right handed bow.

There are many ways to determine right or left eye dominance. The most effective way we have found is to cut a 1” hole in the center of a standard 8.5x11” piece of paper. Have them hold the piece of paper away from them and focus on an object they can see through the hole that is at least 15 feet away. Be sure that their arm is fully extended as they look through the hole in the paper. As they are focusing on the object through the paper hole have them close their left eye and then their right. They should notice that when one eye is closed they will no longer see the object. If they can only see the object when their left eye is closed they are right eye dominant, meaning they need a right handed kids bow and arrow. And visa versa.

2. Selecting a Youth Compound Bow Based On Age & Experience

Whether your archer is just a toddler or a young teenager, their age and experience should be considered as you select their first kids bow and arrow set. You should also make your own observations as to how interested they are to actually shoot a youth compound bows or recurve. You don’t want to make the mistake of buying an expensive model for your toddler only to find out shortly after that archery is an activity they aren’t even remotely interested in yet.   
On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a child who already shows a great deal of interest for the sport of archery, spending those few extra dollars will certainly benefit their archery development. Making sure they have quality archery equipment is crucial to their shooting abilities and with the right training will help them progress as they continue to shoot. 

3. Youth Compound Bow or Recurve Bow?

Recurve bows are often recommended for those who are at a beginner or intermediate level in their archery development. Youth compound bows, for kids, can be intimidating and in some cases very frustrating for someone who has never shot a bow and arrow. Recurves are an easy solution in these types of beginner scenarios.  A recurve does not require draw weight, draw length or site adjustments to be made before it can be shot unlike most youth compound bows. Recurves are easy to use and are easier to maintain than a kids compound bow which is often more complex and requires more experience.
If your young archer is showing signs of true interest and they are ready for something more advanced, you may want to consider upgrading them into a fully equipped kids bow and arrow model. Depending on the type of activities they will be engaging in when shooting, many youth compound bows are available ranging from intermediate models up to the more complex hunting models.