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Rage eXtreme 2 Blade Broadhead

Rage eXtreme 2 Blade Broadhead

Rage eXtreme 2 Blade Broadhead
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Rage Extreme Broadhead

Rage Extreme broadheads can easily be labeled as one of the most lethal of the Rage family due to its incredible 2.3 inch cutting diameter. Before the blades of the Rage Extreme are deployed, they are contained using a dependable shock collar. This patented shock collar system ensures the blades of the Rage Extreme remain in place until they have reached your intended target.


The innovative Rage Broadhead design allows the profile of the Rage Extreme to be streamlined so it will fly just like a field tip. Upon impact, the shoulder of the blades catch and slide back as they deploy from the rear. As the cut on contact tip begins to penetrate the hide, the blades fully deploy so the full 2.3” of cutting diameter of the Rage Extreme broadhead passes through the hide and everything else within the chest cavity that follows.  
Cut Diameter 2.3 inches
# Of Blades 2 blades
Grain Weight 100 grain
Quantity  3 pack
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