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Rage Practice Broadheads 2 Blade

Rage Practice Broadheads 2 Blade

Rage Practice Broadheads 2 Blade
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Rage Practice Broadhead 2 Blade 

2 Blade Rage Practice broadheads allow you to practice without sacrificing a sharpened and functional hunting Rage broadhead. These practice models are non-operational but mimic the flight characteristics of their deadlier hunting model. Dulled blades do not deploy and prevent risk of injury while making needed adjustments to your bowhunting setup and also increase the life of your archery target. The Rage practice broadheads fly exactly like the sharpened hunting model are easily distinguished by their bright blue color. 3 pack.
  • colored blue so its easily distinguisable from the hunting model
  • non-operational unsharpened blades for your safety
  • authentic but unsharpened tip for identical flight characteristics
  • weighs the same as actual Rage Broadheads (100 grains) 

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