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PSE Razorback Recurve Bow

PSE Razorback Recurve Bow

PSE Razorback Recurve Bow
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PSE Razorback recurve bow

The PSE Razorback recurve bow is a highly recommended bow for young archers as well as adults. Featuring an interchangeable limb system, the Razorback bow can be customized based on the archer’s age, height, and strength. The riser is manufactured using attractive wood layering and comes with bushings for stabilizers and a sight if desired. The Razorback recurve bow’s compact 3 piece design offers a simple take-down so it can be transported easily or stored when not in use.

Recurves, such as the PSE Razorback, are recommended frequently over compound bows due to their simplified design. Compound bows can easily frustrate a new archer with the numerous and sometimes intimidating accessories required to shoot. PSE Razorback bows are a simple way to introduce someone who is interested in learning the basics without spending a fortune. The Razorback recurve offers a fun, affordable and simple way to learn the basics of shooting a bow and arrow.

  • string and rest included
  • 3 piece take down design
  • ideal for the beginning archer
  • recommended brace height 7.5”-8”
  • available in 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, and 35lbs
  • available for ages 6yrs to adults

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