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PSE Full Throttle

PSE Full Throttle

PSE Full Throttle
PSE Full ThrottlePSE Full ThrottlePSE Full Throttle
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PSE Full Throttle Compound Bow

Since PSE is already the manufacturer of the fastest compound bow on the market, what is there left to do? The answer was easy for PSE Founder Pete Shepley. Pete gave the engineers at PSE the ultimate challenge by assigning them with the task to do the impossible. Make a bow that’s even faster than before. Not only did they achieve the task, they surpassed all expectations when they created the PSE Full Throttle which has an IBO speed of a groundbreaking 370 FPS!

The PSE Full Throttle has accomplished what was thought to be impossible and is the first compound bow ever to IBO at 370 fps. This feat alone is enough to amaze but to feature a comfortable draw, incredible accuracy, and ultimate shootability is unheard of. This hunting bow is a revolutionary design and perhaps the most deadly hunting bow yet!

Full Throttle Specifications

- Brace Height...... 5-1/4""
- Axle to Axle...... 33-1/4"
- IBO......370-362 fps
- Let Off...... 70"
- Mass Weight...... 4 lbs
- Draw Length...... 26.5 - 30"
- Draw Weights...... 50, 60, 65, 70
- Cam...... FT Full Throttle 


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