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PSE Carbon AirPSE Carbon Air

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PSE Carbon Air

PSE Carbon Air

PSE Carbon Air
Jakes Accessory Package - fletching colors may vary
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2017 PSE Carbon Air

The ultimate carbon hunting bow has EVOLVED for 2017! We’ve powered up the 2017 Carbon Air® 32 ECS with our new EVOLVE® Cam System (ECS) to give it a buttery smooth draw cycle, hard back wall, and an unbelievable 90% let-off that you’ll have to feel to believe! This bow is amazingly comfortable to draw and hold at full draw with rock solid aim, and thanks to our new AirGlide® cable guard system, every draw is free of unnecessary string friction. The Carbon Air® 32 ECS also doesn’t sacrifice speed for the incredible feel either, shooting an amazing 342 fps

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Black, Black\Camo Limbs, Country, Skullworks 2

Brace Height


Axle To Axle






Mass Weight

3.3 lbs.

Draw Length Range

24-1/2″ – 30″

Draw Weight

60#, 70#

Max. Limb Bolt Turns

7 Turns

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