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All New 2015 PSE Bows | Full 2015 PSE Lineup

New PSE Bows for 2014 PSE Bow Lineup

The new PSE bows for 2014 have officially been released and the antagonizing wait for the list of the newest PSE bows is finally over. As expected, the 2014 PSE bow lineup features new additions as well as improvements made to last years bows. Now that the new PSE bows have been announced and available to order, we will begin clearing out the old 2013 to make way for the new 2014 PSE lineup of bows.
Last year, the 2013 PSE DNA was named the “Best of the Best” compound bows by Outdoor Life. Color kits were also added to last year’s new PSE bows so you could easily customize your bow to your personal liking. Flex guards improved tuning and reduced cable torque, which can cause inconsistent shots and an unhealthy cam lean. Last years 2013 new PSE bows also offered a selection of even faster and lighter bows than ever before. In fact, the 2013 PSE Prophecy was one of the fastest bows in its price range with an IBO speed of 340.
Just when you thought that today’s bows couldn’t get any faster, PSE has raised the bar once again with their newest addition to the new PSE bow family, the Full Throttle. With an IBO speed of 370 fps, the PSE Full Throttle has accomplished the impossible and is not only amazing but a revolutionary design to be included in the 2014 PSE bows lineup. The ground-breaking speed of the PSE Full Throttle is only one of countless features this bow has to offer including its comfortable draw and deadly accuracy. In addition to the Full Throttle, the new PSE bows for 2014 also include the lightweight DNA SP, the hard hitting Source, the compact Premonition, and more!
As always, PSE will continue to be a company with an incredible variety and countless choices for the serious bowhunter. With over 20 different new PSE bows to choose from, they have something for everyone. Whether you’re a traditional archer, a compound bow hunter, or an avid archery competitor, the designs offered by PSE make them a leader in the archery industry. The 2014 PSE bows have been built on this momentum and they will continue to provide the service and quality PSE archery has always been known for.