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The Spotter

The Spotter

The Spotter
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The Spotter from Squint Less Outdoor Products

If you have spent any time behind the glass of your spotting scope you know the feeling of irritating eye strain after a full day of scouting. Eye strain caused from looking through your spotting scope with one eye and squinting with the other. Sqiunt Less Outdoor Products has recently developed, tested, and proven their new product The Spotter to relieve eyestrain while glassing.

The Spotter is the first product of its kind that mounts between your spotting scope and tri-pod so it may be used with virtually any spotting scopt and any tri-pod. From the base which is mounted to the tri-pod, a flex arm holds a comfortable eye piece against your non-viewing eye so you can keep both eyes open while glassing. With your non-viewing eye relaxed and viewing only darkness your viewing eye can easily focus on those trophy animals on the other end of your spotting scope. Make sure your next scouting trip has less squinting and more spotting with The Spotter from Squintless Outdoor Products. 


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