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Easton Tracer X Nocks are among the most innovative and dependable archery products I’ve discovered in some time. They work exactly as advertised ? every single shot. Lighted nocks have been around for several years. They allow archery hunters to see arrow flight, to see arrow impacts on game in low light, and to find arrows after the shot. Tracer Nocks have taken this great technology to another level with the addition of several helpful features. They work by placing a magnet within an inch of the nock travel. When the arrow is released, the magnet activates the light in the nock.?After activation, the nock illuminates for 10 seconds, allowing plenty of time to see arrow flight and shot placement. After that, the nock blinks for up to 90 hours. Throw in some practice nocks and a battery-saving sleep mode for in-season practice and you have a great new product that keeps people like me searching for the next one. The only downside is Tracer Nocks are not legal in all 50 states, so be sure to check the regulations where you hunt.


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