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PSE Drive R

PSE Drive R

PSE Drive R
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The best compound bow value on the pro market is now ever better with the 2016 PSE Drive R™! Featuring an all-new machined riser, the super smooth Drive Hybrid Cam, and PSE X-Tech™ split limb technology, the PSE Drive R™ delivers a comfortable draw and a smooth shot of speeds up to 336 fps. It’s also light at 3.8 lbs. and features a 75% let-off and a draw length adjustability of 25” to 30 1/2”. With a price tag of only $499.99, the Drive R™ is the perfect bow for those who want Pro Series level performance without breaking the bank.


Right, Left

Draw Weight

50#, 60#, 70#

Draw Length


Draw Length Range

25 – 30 1/2″

Brace Height

6 3/4″

Axle To Axle






Mass Weight

3.8 lbs.

Max. Limb Bolt Turns


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