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Lumenok Green Single Pack

Lumenok Green Single Pack

Lumenok Green Single Pack
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Lumenok Green Single Pack

The Lumenok is the most popular lighted nock on the market. The simplicity of the Lumenok’s design and operation make it the lighted nocks of choice for many of today's most progressive archers and professional bowhunters. The Lumenok lighted arrow nocks adds only a few grains of weight. No magnets are required for proper performance. Minimal arrow shaft end preparation and fitting are required for optimal performance.

After the release of your arrow, force is applied to the lumenok and is immediately activated. Once lit, you as the archer can follow the well lit path of your arrow to the intended target. In the case of a missed or deflected shot, the glowing of the lighted nocks makes it easier for arrow retrieval and can remain lit for up to 40 hours. This allows you to return hours after your shot to retrieve your arrow. With the features available from the Lumenok arrow nocks, you can save the time you would waste searching for a lost arrow and also save you the money you would have lost for not finding it.

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