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Flex Fletch Vanes - Size 187

Flex Fletch Vanes - Size 187

Flex Fletch Vanes - Size 187
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Manufactured to ensure stability in flight, Flex-Fletch target vanes provide improved grouping in competition and unmatched durability. 
Flex-Fletch vanes have been engineered to withstand punishment from the elements, as well as stand up to the rigors competition shooting.  Even on shoot-throughs, Flex-Fletch vanes retain their form.  In durability testing, Flex-Fletch outlasts the competition 4 to 1!
Flex-Fletch vanes are not only durable, but accurate.  Flex-Fletch vanes are designed with stability in mind.  They provide flexibility without the rubbery feel common to other vanes, dampening arrow oscillations and providing a true flight path to the target.  The unique resin compound in Flex-Fletch vanes eliminates vibration.  Our wind tunnel tested vanes withstood speeds of 282 fps with zero vibration.  No other vanes come close. 

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