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Edge Gear DriveIndicator and LockMicro Adjust2nd and 4rd AxisNew Micro LED2" Sight Ring
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Driver Bowhunting Sight

How many times have bowhunters wished for just one more pin or missed a shot after attempting to stack pins? That will never happen with the A.X. Driver – 4 pin. The A.X. Driver sight has an ingenious micro-adjustment knob for elevation with laser markings for both the horizontal and vertical adjustments. Once your four primary pins have been sighted in, you can gang adjust the entire sight to shoot virtually any distance thanks to its unique EDG Elevation Drive Gear system. No longer will bowhunters be forced to shoot through the clutter of five, six or even seven or more pins!
  • Available in Blackout Anodized
  • Convertible to Left Hand Use 
  • Edge Gear Drive 
  • Indicator and Lock 
  • Micro Adjust 
  • 2nd and 3rd axis