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Olympic Style Archery Class

A Sport That Will Last a Lifetime
Parents, do you have a child that is not into sports such as football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, etc... Why not introduce them to a sport that will last a lifetime of enjoyment? Some sports require a specialized set of skills which can limit many from participating. But, there is one that accomodates all athletes regardless of their experience or athletic level: Archery! Archery is a sport that nearly anyone can participate in and can be both rewarding and enjoyable at any experience level.

Jake Jacobsen has been an avid competitive archery participant for over 50 years. His experience and willingness to teach others his passion has helped introduce countless individuals both young and old to the sport of archery.

Class Details 
Jake will be teaching an Olympic style archery class which will be hosted at Jakes Archery in Orem Utah. The class will be limited to 10-12 students in order to provide quality one-on-one training with Jake. The duration of the class will last 5 weeks with one 2 1/2 hour lesson to be held each week.

Students are not required to purchase their own equipment in order to participate.  In addition to the personalized training and coaching to be provided by Jake, the class registration fee of $500 includes the use of all neccesary archery equipment which will be provided for the course as well as a 10 visit shooting pass to Jakes Archery for practice outside of class. Each student will be evaluated to determine what equipment would best fit them if they wish to purchase their own at the end of the course.

Course will be limited to only 10-12 students! Class will begin December or early January depending on availability of registrants. To register or, for more information please call Jake 801-372-9813. Serious inquiries only please.