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NAP Thunderhead Standard Broadheads

NAP Thunderhead Standard Broadheads

NAP Thunderhead Standard Broadheads
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NAP Thunderhead Broadhead Fixed Blade

Thunderhead Broadheads feature micro-grooved Slimline Ferrules designed for devastating penetration and increased accuracy. The tips of thes NAP Thunderhead Broadheads feature NAP’s Trophy Tip. These hardened high-carbon steel tips crunch right through bones. The Thunderhead Broadheads blades are sharpened using the Diamize process which results in massive hemorrhaging providing you with better blood trails in the field. It has been argued that no other broadhead has taken more animals over the years than the NAP Thunderhead Broadhead. 100 grain and 125 grain weights have a 1 3/16 cut diameter. 85 grain weight has a full 1 1/8 cut diameter. 

Each pack of Thunderhead broadheads also include UBARs. The U.B.A.R broadhead accessory is guaranteed to perfectly align the arrow shaft to the broadhead when using small diameter carbon arrows. It does not have to be used if you are shooting a large carbon or aluminum shaft. (replacement blades sold separately)


Cut Diameter 1 1/8   or  1  3/16
# of Blades 3 blades
Grain Weight 85 grain, 100 grain, 125 grain
Quantity 5 Pack
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