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NAP Spitfire Broadheads

NAP Spitfire Broadheads

NAP Spitfire Broadheads
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NAP Spitfire Broadheads

 Spitfire Broadheads have become one of the most trusted broadheads on the market today. Known for their unmatched accuracy, the NAP Spitfire performs better than most other mechanicals due to their razor sharp Diamize blades and patented micro grooved ferrules for increased penetration power. Tipped with the legendary Trophy Tip, the Spitfire Broadheads deliver powerful bone splitting performance with durability you won’t find from any other broadhead. 

Cutting Diameter 1 1/4  1 1/2
# Of Blades 3 Blades
Grain Weight  100gr, 125gr
Quantity  3 Pack
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