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NAP Deep Six Killzone

NAP Deep Six Killzone

NAP Deep Six Killzone
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NAP Deep Six Killzone Broadheads

NAP Killzone broadheads are the newest edition to the Killzone broadhead models. This Deep Six NAP Killzone version is equipped with a pair of rear-deploying blades that deliver an impressive 2” cut diameter. Thanks to the innovative spring-clip design, no O-rings are required. Blades won’t open in your quiver and are held in place during flight so they do not deploy until they hit your intended target. Deep Six advancements coupled with over-bore technology create a wound channel diameter larger than your arrow shaft as the NAP Killzone broadhead enters the chest cavity. Your arrow then passes through with less friction and ultimately delivers maximum penetration, better blood trails, and faster game recovery. 


Cut Diameter 2
# Of Blades 2
Grain Weight 100
Quantity 3 pack
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