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G5 T3 Expandable Broadheads

G5 T3 Expandable Broadheads

G5 T3 Expandable Broadheads
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G5 T3 Expandable Broadheads

Without a doubt one of the best broadheads on the market. The T3 has been tested by our staff with phenomenal results! With a 1.5 cutting diameter, 100 % stainless steel construction and the innovative spider clips, this broadhead has no weak link. It features a tiny profile for incredible accuracy but leaves huge entry and exit wounds for easy blood trailing even if you make a less than perfect shot.

Cut Diameter 1.5
# of Blades 3
Grain Weight 100 grain
Quantity  3 Pack

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
The Best Broadhead I've Ever UsedI have always been somewhat skeptical about using expandable broadheads but a buddy of mine convinced me to give these a try. I ended up shooting a great 4 point buck with the T3 at 46 yards. The shot I made was less than perfect but the T3 made an impressive wound channel and an even more impressive blood trail. Although the blood trail was great, I didn't need to use it to track my buck because he only made it about 30 yards before piling up. Written by Jessica Hortman on Tue 14 May 2013 5:51:20 PM GMT
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