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G5 Small Game Heads

G5 Small Game Heads
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G5 Small Game Heads

G5 Small Game Heads

G5 small game heads feature a unique nose and blade design that delivers a “shock and rip” action to stop small game animals in their tracks. The “shock” is achieved by incorporating a unique blunt tip followed by the “rip” action from the sharpened inner surfaces of 3 curved blades. This unique small game head design also prevents the G5 small game heads from skipping for vast distances or burrowing under sod providing you with easy arrow recovery. Whether you are hunting with a compound, recurve, or crossbow, the G5 small game points can be shot at any speed. A 1” cutting diameter, and 100% stainless steel construction makes these small game heads a top pick among small game

Cut Diameter 1"
# of Blades 3
Grain Weight 100 grain, 125 grain
Quantity 3 pack

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