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G5 Montec Pre-Season

G5 Montec Pre-Season

G5 Montec Pre-Season
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G5 Montec Preseason Practice Broadheads

The G5 Montec preseason broadheads are dimensionally identical to the Montec. By featuring all of the same physical and cosmetic aspects, this preseason broadhead will fly just as true as the sharpened hunting version. Manufactured with rounded edges, this practice broadhead is dull to the touch, allowing you to sight in your bow without the risk of handling a sharp broadhead. Dulled edges also increase the life of your broadhead target. The G5 Montec preseason also features a black coating to help distinguish it from the hunting version. 3 Pack


Grain Weight 85 gr, 100 gr, or 125 gr
Quantity 3 pack
# of Blades 3 Rounded Edge Blades
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