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G5 Montec

G5 Montec

G5 Montec
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G5 Montec Fixed Blade Broadheads

G5 Montec broadheads are without a doubt one of the best fool proof designs on the market. Crafted using a 100% stainless steel one piece construction, there are no o-rings, no loose blades, and no mechanical parts to assemble or replace. Simply screw on your G5 Montec Broadhead, aim, and shoot! The Montec broadheads cut-on-contact tip and multitapered diamond cut blades deliver deep penetration and fatal wound channels on even the toughest of game animals. Featuring 100% durable steel construction, shoot the G5 Montec once and you can easily resharpen them for repeated use. Simple to use, high performance, and spin tested deadly field tip accuracy is what makes this broadhead a must to complete your archery artillery. 


Cut Diameter 1 to 1  1/8
# of Blades 3  Blades
Grain Weight  85, 100, & 125 grains
Quantity 3 Pack
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