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 Mechanical broadheads for arrows
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Swhacker BroadheadSwhacker Broadhead
NAP Bloodrunner 2 BladeNAP Bloodrunner 2 Blade
NAP Spitfire Edge BroadheadNAP Spitfire Edge Broadhead
NAP Deep Six Spitfire MaxxNAP Deep Six Spitfire Maxx
NAP Deep Six Bloodrunner 2 BladeNAP Deep Six Bloodrunner 2 Blade
G5 HavocG5 Havoc
NAP Killzone BroadheadNAP Killzone Broadhead
NAP Deep Six KillzoneNAP Deep Six Killzone
Rage 2 Blade Chisel TipRage 2 Blade Chisel Tip
Rage eXtreme 2 Blade BroadheadRage eXtreme 2 Blade Broadhead
NAP Killzone MaxxNAP Killzone Maxx
Grim Reaper Razorcut BroadheadGrim Reaper Razorcut Broadhead
Rage Hypodermic StandardRage Hypodermic Standard
Rage SS 2 BladeRage SS 2 Blade
Rage 3 Blade 1.75 KoreRage 3 Blade 1.75 Kore
Rage HD StandardRage HD Standard
Rage Hypodermic Deep SixRage Hypodermic Deep Six
Grim Reaper Fatal Steel BroadheadGrim Reaper Fatal Steel Broadhead
Innerloc Shapshifter 100 GrInnerloc Shapshifter 100 Gr
Swhacker 3 Blade 1.5Swhacker 3 Blade 1.5
NAP Slingblade 100NAP Slingblade 100
NAP Trivex 100 3 Blade
Muzzy Trocar Hybrid Broadheads 100 grainMuzzy Trocar Hybrid Broadheads 100 grain
Jak Hammer SSTJak Hammer SST
NAP Spitfire BroadheadsNAP Spitfire Broadheads
NAP Shockwave BroadheadNAP Shockwave Broadhead
Innerloc Expandable BroadheadInnerloc Expandable Broadhead
Grim Reaper RazorTip BroadheadGrim Reaper RazorTip Broadhead
Rage 2 Blade BroadheadsRage 2 Blade Broadheads
Carbon Express F-15 ExpandableCarbon Express F-15 Expandable
RazorTip Extra BroadheadRazorTip Extra Broadhead
NAP Bloodrunner 3 Blade BroadheadNAP Bloodrunner 3 Blade Broadhead
NAP Spitfire MaxxNAP Spitfire Maxx
G5 T3 Expandable BroadheadsG5 T3 Expandable Broadheads

Choosing a Bow hunting Broadhead Continued...

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The Great Debate: Fixed Blade or Expandable broadheads?
The greatest debate when choosing a broadhead always seems to be whether the fixed blade or the expandable broadhead is the better choice. Refer to your state’s regulations as some states still do not allow the use of mechanical broadheads. Important things to consider here are expected shot distance, size of game, and your draw length/weight. 
Mechanical broadheads are without a doubt more accurate. This is not a guarantee however that they will hit spot on with your field points. Many mechanical broadheads will vary slightly from the grain weights posted on their packaging. Is this a concern? No, but you should always practice with your mechanical broadheads to make sure they are grouping where they should.
Mechanical Broadheads:
The mechanical broadhead designs of today have dramatically improved over original designs. There are two types of mechanical broadheads. Over the top, and rear deploying. The secondary debate then becomes, “what is the best mechanical broadhead?” Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Rear deploying broadheads are most definitely the popular choice like Rage broadheadsT3 broadheads, or Killzone broadheads. This is no surprise as they give you large entry wounds. You are only guaranteed one hole when your arrow strikes home and most feel that the rear opening expandable broadhead(s) is better with that in mind. 
The downside is rear deploying heads rely on something to keep the blades closed. Things like o-rings or rubber bands keep the blades closed until impact. While they are reliable, they require constant changing of parts to keep them fresh and flexible. They can fail if they become dry and brittle. Over the top mechanical broadhead designs like Spitfire broadheads hold the advantage of being more quiver friendly. They are easier to keep closed when arrows are being inserted and removed from the quiver. Both of these expandable broadhead designs offer substantial cutting diameters and phenomenal accuracy. 

Fixed Blade Broadheads:
Fixed blades on the other hand are very simple. You shoot what you get. Very rarely will you see something unexpected from a fixed blade broadhead. We recommend mechanical broadheads when shot distances may exceed 40 yards. Fixed blades are recommended for lower energy bows, shooting through mesh in ground blinds or when leaves or other obstacles may be contacted by the arrow.
Fixed blades are essentially fail proof. There are no moving parts like in the mechanical broadheads so what you see is what you get, or what your intended target gets rather. Fixed blades also tend to be much more durable than the expandable broadheads. This feature alone makes the fixed blade very appealing to hunters who need to be able to reuse their broadheads. 
On the downside, fixed blades tend to cause some grief as far as accuracy is concerned. By increasing the surface area of the blades you make the arrow less aerodynamic. In turn your accuracy will diminish. Not to say fixed blades cannot be accurate, they just aren’t as accurate as most mechanical broadheads. Fixed blade broadheads like the G5 Striker or the Wac ‘Em Triton will provide excellent accuracy but not without a price. Cutting diameter on accurate fixed blades like these are significantly smaller and rarely exceed 1 1/8 inches. While this is more than enough to do the job, margin for error is small. Shot placement becomes vital. Blood trails become harder to follow so be sure your shot is perfect when choosing a smaller cut broadhead.
So which Fixed Blade or Mechanical broadhead should I choose?
Consult a professional! I don’t mean your next door neighbor that shot a deer back in the good old days. Talk to someone who has experience with all types of fixed and expandable broadheads. Nothing can take place of, or is more reliable, than good old experience. While some things look great on paper, they may not perform in the field. It takes a dedicated and experienced bowhunter to give an honest opinion on this subject matter. 
Don’t know anyone that’s actually used the broadheads you’re considering?
Still not sure which broadhead will suit you best? Send us a message by clicking here. We can give you detailed tips and advice to help you decide on your fixed or mechanical broadheads of interest within 24 hours of receiving your message. 
Everyone has an opinion on this topic but ours is simple. Choose a broadhead that will do the job as quick and clean as possible. It must also fit your needs, budget, and ability. If you struggle placing an arrows in the vitals, choose something with a big cut as it will give you a better blood trail. On a budget? Pick something durable. Some broadheads are aluminum some are steel. Though steel heads may cost more up front they will surely last longer and be usable more than once. After all variables are considered we can give you an honest opinion of whether a mechanical broadhead or fixed blade will best fit your needs. Trust us, WE DON'T JUST SELL THIS STUFF, WE USE IT... A LOT!