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Predator Calls
Bite and Blow Cow CallBite and Blow Cow Call
Cottontail DistressCottontail Distress
Coyote HowlerCoyote Howler
Coyote/Bear BusterCoyote/Bear Buster
Distressed FawnDistressed Fawn
Hot Dog CallHot Dog Call
Jackrabbit DistressJackrabbit Distress
Micro Rodent DistressMicro Rodent Distress
Mouse SqueezeMouse Squeeze
Open Reed Coyote DistressOpen Reed Coyote Distress
Rodent CoaxerRodent Coaxer
Screamin' CottontailScreamin' Cottontail
Still JackrabbitStill Jackrabbit
Super ScreamerSuper Screamer