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1 oz Weight1 oz Weight
11/8" Doinker Supreme11/8" Doinker Supreme
12" Premier Plus V-Bar12" Premier Plus V-Bar
15" Premier Plus V-Bar15" Premier Plus V-Bar
18" Ultralite Stabilizer18" Ultralite Stabilizer
24" Ultralite Stabilizer24" Ultralite Stabilizer
3" Gridlock Stabilizer3" Gridlock Stabilizer
3-1/4" Chubby Hunter Supreme3-1/4" Chubby Hunter Supreme
30" Premier Plus Stabilizer30" Premier Plus Stabilizer
30" Ultralite Stabilizer
33" Premier Plus Stabilizer33" Premier Plus Stabilizer
36" Premier Plus Stabilizer36" Premier Plus Stabilizer
4" X-IT4" X-IT
4-3/4" Chubby Hunter Supreme4-3/4" Chubby Hunter Supreme
4.5" Camo S-Coil4.5" Camo S-Coil
5" Apache Black5" Apache Black
5" Apache Camo5" Apache Camo
5" Gridlock Stabilizer5" Gridlock Stabilizer
5" Maxjax5" Maxjax
6" Doinker Dish Mini Hunter6" Doinker Dish Mini Hunter
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