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Buck Jam Honey Acorn

Buck Jam Honey Acorn

Buck Jam Honey Acorn
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Buck Jam Honey Acorn

Evolved Habitats Buck Jam is a juicy gel-like mineral lick that is full of sweet fruit flavor and minerals that deer can't resist. Featuring the best of two worlds, this salty-sweet gel is a combination of a salt-based mineral lick and a sweet food bait attractant. Pour directly onto the bare ground or over decaying stumps, logs, or other soft porous matter. The Buck Jam will slowly saturate whatever its poured on to keep deer returning to the mineral site over a longer period of time.

The aroma attracts deer from surrounding areas of the mineral lick site and keeps them coming back for more. Bring those hard to pattern bucks out from hiding with the tastes and aromas they won’t be able to resist. Buck Jam reviews below speak for themselves. Submit your own Available in Honey Acorn, Ripe Apple, and Wild Permsimmon. 1 gallon.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Good for pictures so farBeen putting out about 25lbs of shelled corn straight on the ground and dumping half a jug of the salty sweet corn flavor buck jam on top of it, won't last more than a couple days. The ground is all torn up and I have gotten hundreds of pics, got a 150" ten pt, 130" 9 pt, 4-120" 8 pts, couple smaller bucks and does and fawns everyday that are hitting it. Getting ready for bow season now should be a good one. Highly recommend this product Written by Dusty in MN on Sun 8 Sep 2013 2:53:22 PM GMT
Good for Scouting!Put out some ripe apple with a trophy rock this year and got thousands of pictures! Literally had elk fighting over it. Stuff works great if you get it in the right area. Written by Tom H on Fri 23 Aug 2013 1:22:39 AM GMT
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