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Bow Broadheads For Arrows

Broadheads for Bowhunting Choosing the Right Broadhead

If you’re debating on a particular broadhead to shoot, you’re in the right place. Send us a brief message by clicking here with your questions and concerns and we will reply within 24 hours with our expert advice based on the information you provide. To help us narrow things down for you, please include your draw length, draw weight, type of game you plan on hunting, and personal preferences if any.

Bowhunting Broadheads - How to Choose the Right One

With so many broadheads on the market today, it is never easy to decide which one will complete your archery artillery. When you look at the description of any archery broadhead, their claims are all the same, “the sharpest blades, the best blood trails, the most accurate, the best penetration,” and so on. How are you to decide on a single bow broadhead when everyone claims to be the best? Before you make a decision based solely on their advertisements, here are 4 very important things you should consider before making your final decision:

1. Broadhead State Regulations and Restrictions

The regulations on archery equipment often vary from state to state. If your arrows are tipped with something that is deemed illegal for the area and you get caught by a Fish and Game officer, hefty fines and consequences are sure to follow. For you bowhunters that often hunt out of state, do not assume that adjacent states have the same guidelines. This is an unfortunate scenario that can be avoided all together by doing some simple research.  

If you are not 100% certain which arrow broadheads you can and cannot use while hunting with your bow, broadhead restrictions and regulations can be provided by your state DWR office. Or, refer to the latest copy of your state’s hunting proclamation. Since you are already here, you can just click this link to view the regulations specific to your state. (we still highly recommend contacting your state’s DWR’s department for the most up to date and accurate archery equipment regulation information)

2. What is Your Draw Length and Weight?

If you have a draw length over 28 inches and/or your draw weight is more than 60lbs your options are virtually endless. Most bows meeting or exceeding these specs will surely provide enough energy to give adequate penetration with nearly any broadhead. We recommend fixed blade or smaller cut mechanicals for archers with shorter draw lengths or lighter weight set ups. 

In a nutshell, more cut needs more energy from the bow. Broadheads that are mechanical for example, a 40# bow might not have enough energy to reliably open say a Swhacker or NAP Killzone. While these are both exceptional broadheads to shoot out of your bow, broadheads like these both have cutting diameters near or exceeding 2 inches. Even if it does open, the arrow might not have enough energy left to drive the broadhead into the vitals. On the other hand, if you shoot 80 pounds and have a 30 inch draw length you wouldn’t be best served to shoot a fixed blade with a 1 inch cut diameter. The arrow would surely pass through without cutting as much tissue as it could have. Thus, wasting energy that could have been used more efficiently.

So, which broadhead should I choose? Click here to keep reading, we’ll explain more on the bottom of the next page.