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Badlands Packs


·        The Only Unconditional Lifetime Warranty in the business.
·        Advanced Designs that improve circulation and offer greater comfort.
·        Suspension Systems that transfer weight to your hips, not your spine.
·        Specially designed straps and buckles for a customized fit.
·        Hydration systems that accommodate the Badlands hydration bladder.
Badlands packs have models available for every situation you might run into on the mountain. From the monstrous Sacrifice backpack which has a capacity of 3450 cubic inches to the incredibly light Diablo Day Pack, if you’re looking for a Badlands pack to use while on one day hikes or week long pack in hunts, Badlands packs all have specific features in mind to make sure your needs are met. Quality workmanship coupled with the best warranty in the industry makes them an obvious choice for many sportsmen.  Can’t quite decide what Badlands backpack you need? Give us a call or send us an e-mail and one our pro’s here at Jakes Archery can walk you through each pack you’re considering to make sure you pick the right one.

If you can’t rely on something that allows you to comfortably carry your gear all day long then what’s the point of having a hunting backpack in the first place? If you decide against Badlands packs you might as well just throw a pair of saddle bags over your shoulders and start walkin’.  Well you aint no stinkin’ pack mule, and you don’t want a uncomfortable weight on your shoulders that makes you feel like your toting saddle bags all day. 
All Badlands packs are incorporated with state-of-the-art suspensions that fit every curve of your body like a glove. This ensures that you are provided with the most customized fit possible. If your Badlands backpack fits you better, you will have increased circulation. If you have greater circulation this means you’ll have more energy. More energy means you can hike further and harder. When you hike further and harder you get to more places other people haven’t. When you reach places other people haven’t you find bigger trophy animals. Finding bigger trophy animals leads to bigger trophies on the wall. Now that you can see how this all ties together, don’t sell yourself short. Invest in a Badlands pack, a piece of hunting gear that will outperform and last you the rest of your life.

As a true outdoorsman, you know what kind of abuse your gear can go through. You need something that can take the abuse and still deliver optimum performance. Why waste your hard earned dollar on a low quality poor excuse of a backpack that you’ll just have to replace again next year? When it comes to depending on gear that will offer the most outstanding performance Badlands pack are the only way to go. Stitch for stitch, the Badlands Backpack is by far the highest quality pack out there. Designed with only the most cutting edge materials and latest designs in technology, Badlands packs have set a new standard in design, performance, quality and comfort. Being the only company that has come to understand the dynamics of carrying heavy loads, the Badlands backpack stomps the competition. Plus, all Badlands packs incorporate the advancements in design to make sure no matter which Badlands pack you choose, you will always remain comfortable.
Badlands packs set their standards of quality to exceed that of their competition. They stand behind their products better than anyone in the business. They are so confident that the Badlands backpack will be the best pieces of equipment you have ever owned they offer the only unconditional lifetime warranty you’ll find on the market. Your Badlands pack will last you for as long as you own it.