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Jake Jacobsen with his biggest bull elk so far, shot in 2014 this 
elk is an almost 400" of horn, definetly the bull of a lifetime 

This year we are celebrating over 55 years in business. Because we've been around longer than most any other archery establishment, we've seen it all and have learned to adapt to the constantly changing archery market. Bob Jacobsen, whom everyone has come to know as Jake, founded the company in 1962 when he first began selling bows and a few select archery accessories out of his garage. During this time, the archery industry was so small it hardly existed, compound bows weren't even invented yet, and if you were an archery enthusiast you shot a recurve. This all changed in the early 1970s when the compound bow was introduced and the world of archery and the young business of Jakes Archery was changed forever.

Jakes Archery Today
Jakes Archery is still a family owned and operated today with a small close knit staff providing all your archery needs. Justin ( Jakes and Karen’s son) is the operations manager while Jake enjoys retirement, but don’t let that word fool you, Jake is still out competing with some of the best shooters on the planet. In 2016 Jake was the only shooter that has been to all 50 Vegas shoots. Here at the store we are still striving to get the greatest equipment out there and provide the best service and support out there.