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3 generations at Jakes Archery
Three generations at Jakes Archery. Left to right are Bob Jake Jacobsen, Drew Hortman, Karen Jacobsen, Justin Bliss and Courtney Curley. 
Since Jake first opened the doors to his archery shop in 1962, Jakes Archery has been a family owned and operated business. We are dedicated to the sport of archery and to others who share our passion. In today’s competitive market, the word “service” is the key element to our business. Not only do we provide the widest selection of quality products and friendly customer service, but we also have a well trained staff to assist our customers when working with today’s hi-tech equipment.

This year we are celebrating 51 years in business. Because we've been around longer than most any other archery establishment, we've seen it all and have learned to adapt to the constantly changing archery market. Bob Jacobsen, whom everyone has come to know as Jake, founded the company in 1962 when he first began selling bows and a few select archery accessories out of his garage. During this time, the archery industry was so small it hardly existed, compound bows weren't even invented yet, and if you were an archery enthusiast you shot a recurve. This all changed in the early 1970s when the compound bow was introduced and the world of archery and the young business of Jakes Archery was changed forever.

Due to the newly invented compound bow, this breakthrough in archery technology ignited the popularity of archery and it spread like fire. In just a few short years, the compound bow had dominated the archery market. By the mid-1970's, the archery community embraced this new line of archery equipment making them available everywhere and this was the crucial turning point for Jakes Archery. 

Although he had been working primarily in the upholstery business with his father, Jake realized this opportunity and quickly made a leap of faith by going into archery retail full time. In 1978, Jakes Archery was then granted an Easton Distributorship that launched the business into the wholesale side of the archery industry. For the decades that followed, Jakes Archery has continually grown and expanded into a success story based on business strategy combined with archery retail and wholesale.

Today, we are still growing strong and, as always, adapting and changing to the archery market and the needs of the archery consumer. We offer a wide range of archery and hunting products at competitive prices with the service and reliability that you won't find anywhere else. With a warehouse stocked with over 9,000 products, if we don't have it, no one else will!

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Jake with his SCI record desert Bighorn Sheep taken in Utah
Karen with her Nyala 
taken in Africa
Justin with his Pope and Young Shiras Moose taken in Utah        
Drew with his Ohio
Courtney with her first buck
taken with a bow