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Genesis Pro Kids Bow

Genesis Pro Kids Bow

Genesis Pro Kids Bow
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Genesis Pro Compound Kids Bow

Similar to all of the Genesis youth models, this kids bow accommodates the needs of the always constant and rapid growth of young archers. Proper draw length and weight is critical during the beginning and intermediate stages of shooting a bow and arrow. When the Genesis line was first released it was a significant advancement among all kids bows available at the time.  The zero let-off system available through the Genesis bow series was the first compound bow to cover the full spectrum of all draw lengths among young archery shooters. The Genesis Pro has features that enable the shooter to have adjustments made as needed over a long period of time to ensure the bow is always at a proper draw weight and length.  

Unlike the Standard and Mini Genesis models, the Genesis Pro incorporates an adjustable draw stop that allows those who shoot it to customize the bow to their specific draw length. This ability to set a designated draw length provides the young archer with what is often referred to as a “solid wall”. When using mechanical release aids, a solid wall makes the use of releases easier and indicates that the young shooter is at an effective and proper draw length. Adjustments can be made to the draw stop to accommodate draw lengths from 18.5” up to 30”.

Another feature of the Genesis Pro, that other Genesis bow models do not offer, is an increased range of centershot adjustment. When using vanes or large feathers that require a greater area of clearance for competition and target shooting, the rests often used are designed to either move the arrow further from or closer to the riser. The ability to change the centershot allows for more advanced tuning to increase shooting accuracy and performance.
  • Adjustable 15lbs-25lbs draw weight
  • Adjustable 18.5”-30” draw stop
  • Increased centershot range
  • Zero let-off cam system
  • Target colors available for special order. 
  • Recommended for Ages 7-Adult

Available in your choice of Lost Camo, Black and Chrome or Black and Red. Select desired color below to see various product images. Specify Right or Left Handed.

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