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Ultra Micro Diameter G Series
The G series offers the least amount of wind drift but also offers the deepest down range penetration with 56% more KE Density.
Micro Diameter X Series
Dramatically decreased wind drift and still offers deep penetration and high performance. 24% more KE Density
Low Profile Diameter H Series
When hunting big game, these Easton arrows offer superior penetration for more lethal shots and an increased performance with faced with crosswinds. 10% more KE Density.
Conventional Diameter S Series
The most commonly used arrow diameter by other manufactures which was first introduced in the late 1990’s. They were also the first of their carbon kind to use nocks and inserts that fit internally.


Wrapped in a full metal jacket, the N-FUSED carbon core combination delivers more energy to deliver devastating bone crushing power and deeper penetration for even more deadly pass-throughs.

Constructed for unmatched precision, outstanding speed, devastating knockdown power, and powerful kinetic energy. Superlite carbon fiber is bonded to the alloy core by exclusive Easton process technologies.

The best of the best, lightweight 100% carbon construction coupled with high-strength durability. Together, they combine to offer smaller diameter, greater speed, and reduced vibration performance for the most versatile Easton carbon arrows for hunting arrow on the market.


Separate from all other manufacturers, Easton arrow shafts utilize more advanced arrow assembly and features ground-breaking new diameters, specialized material, and exclusive processes. These production procedures during manufacturing produce Easton arrow Shafts that outperform in the field as well as on the shooting line when competing. Thanks to the technologies available from Easton, they produce Easton carbon arrows, carbon core full metal jacket and alloy/carbon arrows that prove to be more effective when used in actual hunting applications. Archery athletes have been continuously using Easton arrow shafts and has aided in the achievement of winning every Olympic medal in modern times. Countless archers of all competition types and levels rely on Easton Arrows to produce consistent accuracy and winning scores.

With the new factory cresting available on select Easton Arrow Shafts, they increase adhesion of vanes, visibility, and fast easy re-fletching if needed. If you want an arrow that offers the ultra-micro diameter, outstanding crosswind performance and downrange kinetic energy but still delivers hard hitting energy downrange look no further than Easton arrows. Easton Carbon arrows, alloy, and A/C Easton arrows shafts have been constructed to offer flawless performance in order to deliver that perfect shot to your intended target.