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Broadband Split Limbsavers

Broadband Split Limbsavers

Broadband Split Limbsavers
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Broadband Split Limbsavers

There is no bow dampening product on the planet that can compare to the New Broadband LimbSaver. If you're looking for the best limb-mounted dampener, you've found it. The Broadband Limbsavers are engineered to reduce up to 70% of vibration at multi-frequency levels. This means that they greatly reduce both the vibration frequencies that cause bow jump as well as unwanted audible noise. 

The New Broadband truly sets a new standard of performance with reducing vibration and noise. The New Broadband LimbSaver is a scientific masterpiece, promoting the first ever Multi Durometer Dual Broadband technology. The Broadband LimbSaver is engineered to function over a broadband frequency range of 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz. The combination of the NAVCOM ring and center dampener, produce the broadest frequency response of any limb dampener ever produced, period!

Easily customize the look of our bow with your choice of 9 different interchangable ring colors. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, or Camo. 

• Extremely Efficient and Effective
• Incorporates Dual BroadbandTechnology
• Superior Noise and Vibration Reduction
• Low Profile & Lightweight
• Interchangeable Colored Broadband Rings
• Simple Installation

NOTE: Broadband LimbSavers only, Everlast Leeches sold separately.
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