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Archery Supply for Hunters Traditional Archers & Competitors

If you’re as passionate about the sport of archery and bowhunting as we are, you understand the importance of your archery equipment. Whether you’re a bowhunter or an archery competitor, you depend on your archery supplies to deliver optimal performance with each and every shot you make.  Jakes Archery offers the widest selection of quality hunting archery equipment, archery supplies for archery competitors, as well as traditional archery accessories. As always, your satisfaction is our top priority. It is our mission to not only offer top of the line archery supplies but to also provide you with the superior customer service Jakes has been known for over 50 years.
Jakes Archery has been a family owned and operated business since 1962. With over 50 years of experience in the archery industry, why spend your time searching for archery supplies anywhere else? Whether you’re an inexperienced archer looking into your very first bow or a well-seasoned veteran in need of archery supplies before opening morning, our staff members have the experience and thorough training necessary to help you in all aspects of the archery industry. Their services and knowledge are always available to you, especially when dealing with challenges and constant changes of today’s hi-tech archery equipment. Whether you call into our pro shop (801-225-9202), send us an e-mail by clicking here or come directly into our store located in Orem Utah, we are always here to offer our professional expertise and assistance to you as our customer.

Archery Supplies at Competitive Prices & Widest Selection

Find out why Jakes Archery has been the choice of thousands of bowhunters and archery competitors. If you are searching for the widest selection of quality archery supplies look no further than the Jakes Archery warehouse. Our warehouse is stocked with over 9,000 different types, brands, makes, and models of the finest archery supplies the industry has to offer. Not only do we offer the greatest selection, but our inventory of archery supplies are available at the most competitive prices saving you money and time wasted searching elsewhere. Chances are, the other guy is ordering his product from our warehouse anyway and it will take twice as long for your order to be processed and shipped. We are proud to boast a 97% order fill rate, and same day order processing. With reliable service like this, we make certain that you receive your order as quickly as possible to get you out there hunting faster with dependable archery equipment you can rely on.
We carry everything from 3D archery targets, kids compound bow and arrow sets, hunting broadheads, mineral attractants, camo clothing apparel and more! We are confident when we say, “If we don’t have it, no one else will!” With an inventory as large as ours, it has certainly been a daunting task to add everything we carry available on our online store. If you are in need of a particular product, just click here to tell us what you are searching for. For the majority of each and every day, we can add additional archery supplies you need to order within only minutes of receiving your message!

We believe our inventory is your inventory. During the peak of the hunting season, we realize you needed your archery equipment yesterday. It is our goal to provide you with the widest selection of quality archery supplies and archery gear the archery industry has to offer. By becoming a customer of our family owned and operated archery business, you won’t be treated like just another customer. Here, at Jakes Archery, you’re treated like family.   

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